How to Customize Hoverboards Like a Boss

You might have heard of Hoverboards on social media websites as several celebrities have advertised the idea so much, the whole world is running after this new invention. A Hoverboard is a skateboard that runs on electrical energy and is the perfect alternative to bikes or cars for short distance traveling. Numerous companies are manufacturing these devices all around the world, and you can buy Hoverboard quite easily in any part of the world. If you have bought one and you don’t want to keep it in stock things then get your gears up or get it modified from experts. Below you will get the ideas about the customizations of hoverboards.

That’s how quickly and effectively the idea has caught on. The specifications and pricing of a normal Hoverboard are also discussed in this review.

Customize Your Hoverboard

Customization options are endless.

  • There are companies that are selling Hoverboards of the color of your own You can also get custom skins printed for your board and can also get the whole body customized according to your liking.
  • If you want to enjoy music along with your ride, you can buy one that has a sound port in it.
  • Some boards also have Bluetooth connectivity in them, and some can allow you to charge your phone or other Hoverboards through them.
  • A cheap Hoverboard can be bought on sites like for around 250$ but it will only have one battery that will give a mileage of about 10 miles. If you wish for more mileage, you can get a Hoverboard that comes with two batteries. That’s the maximum amount of batteries these companies have been able to fit in the device so far. It ensures double the mileage and greater weight carrying capacity too.
  • You can also get LED lights installed on your board to make it look better than it already does.

All these additional features add to the cost.


Benefits are endless. You can get groceries from a nearby store, visit a Laundromat, go to your gym every day or attend your school if it is in a 16 mile

The Specs


A Hoverboard runs on an electrical battery that is rechargeable. This battery can provide up to 5000 watts of energy, but lower batteries are also available. The batteries give almost 12 miles of mileage which is quite a lot because they can get fully charged in just 16 minutes. Some Hoverboards manufactured by certain companies give a charging time of 45 minutes, and they are usually low priced as compared to the 16-minute ones.


You can ride your Hoverboard at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour which is quite decent owing to its light weight and low consumption of power. The best thing about these devices is that they are eco-friendly and are the best replacement for motorbikes.


You can find Hoverboard for sale all over the internet at various prices. These prices vary with the features that these boards hold. Different companies have modified the boards adding additional features to it so that their product can be unique and different from the others. You can get a Hoverboard at around 200$ to 400$ in the United States while the prices are almost similar in other parts of the world as well. Get yourself the best Hoverboard in your price range right now and enjoy the limitless fun.

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